Project Logistics


Special project service

Is your cargo oversized, overweight or unusual? Is your shipment urgent? Beetle special projects department can provide all the services you may need.

Project logistic serves customers with complex, oversized, extra-heavy transport requirements. Our dedicated specialists in project management and logistics are also highly qualified to deal with the large components and products across all major industries, both front and back ends. Through regional and global partners, Beetle can offer a wide variety of project solutions. We will fully consider your deadline and pricing requirements at any time. Our experienced experts can plan, engineer and execute your projects – wherever they are in the world, and under the most challenging climate and infrastructure conditions. We can "tailor-made" the type of transportation design according to the different projects, so that our customers save money, effort and worry! 


We Beetle are fully aware of the difficulties shipment of OOG (industrial equipment), so when selecting and managing carriers and subcontractors, we will ensure a "worry-free" service scheme for customers. Whether it is a gas turbine in a gas-steam combined cycle power plant, a windmill or an installed STS gantry crane, we will keep improving the details. Our team will keep eyes on your shipment 24 hours a day.