Flat Rack Container


Flat Rack is the container without a roof or side walls for over-sized cargo that does not fit into a standard container. It could be over-length, over-width, over-height or overweight, depending on the situation.

The floor structure offers high loading capacity, and the two walls are either fixed or collapsible. However, the walls are stable enough to provide security and can tie the cargo on to the wall for better stability. Tarpaulin covers is subject to cargo and customer requirements.

This container is suitable for either top or side loading, and also ideal for items such as heavy machinery, pipes and boats. The fact that the width and height of the cargo can be beyond the flat rack container provides increased flexibility. Generally, carrier only accepts the cargo within 4 meters in width and height. However, as long as the cargo does not block the lifting points at both ends, where the distance between lifting point is 2.08 meters in width, your cargo’s length can go up to 15 meters when you choose the Flat Rack.

dimmension table