Breakbulk Shipment


Dry Bulk Cargo Shipping Company

From the perspective of cost saving and feasibility, we recommend shipper to choose the break bulk shipment for large quantities of break-bulk cargoes, where the weight or dimension of the shipment greatly exceeds the operation capacity of the liner services. These cargoes include but is not limited to large generator sets, large yachts, locomotives, moving plant equipment, large mining equipment, wind turbines, heavy machinery and equipment, etc. Breakbulk cargo is transported individually, oftentimes on a skid or pallet or in a crate.

Break bulk ship, which has a wide load range of cargo weight and size is specially designed to transport unpacked cargoes and bulk dry cargoes.

On the other hand, breakbulk shipping’s ability to moving over-size objects from point A to B efficiently is a big plus for shippers. Items will not have to dismantled to ship could increase the speed and efficiency of the shipment, as well as save costs in human resource where shippers need to arrange worker to re-construct the machineries.