Breakbulk Shipment


Dry Bulk Cargo Shipping Company

From the perspective of cost saving and feasibility, for large quantities of break-bulk cargoes, the weight or dimension of which greatly exceeds the operation capacity of the liner service, we can choose the break bulk shipment. These cargoes include but is not limited to large generator sets, large yachts, locomotives, moving plant equipment, large mining equipment, wind turbines, heavy machinery and equipment, etc.


Break bulk ship which has a wide load range of cargo weight and size is specially designed to transport unpacked cargoes and bulk dry cargoes. While for bulk cargoes, the shipping cost is relatively low. However, due to the effect of CQD and weather, the shipping date is easy to be delayed. The cargoes need to be reinforced in the process of loading, which requires a high level of port operation at both loading and unloading port. Damage may occur during hoisting and sailing. Cargoes may be loaded on deck, during the voyage, poor water resistance may lead to form rust and cause damage, etc.