Beetle warehouse for OOG cargoes

Equipped with a professional warehouse for OOG cargoes, Beetle is good at all kinds of OOG cargoes loading and unloading, lashing, trucking and port entry. It is very convenient to pick up equipment and enter port since our warehouse is adjacent to the port. 


The site covers an area of 30000 square meters with the warehouse area of 15,000 square meters which owns 60 sets of container trucking vehicles, 10 sets of heavy trucks, 2 sets of 50 tons automobile crane, 3 sets of 45 tons reach stackers, 2 sets of 30 tons forklifts, 2 sets of 17 tons forklifts, 2 sets of 10 tons forklifts, and 10 sets of 3 tons forklift. All these equipment can meet the requirements of all kinds of loading and transportation of cargoes.


Warehouse staff has taken strict and professional training. There are division of labors which tally, operation, packing, crane driving, forklift driving, on-site supervision and other division of labor work well with each other. It can receive and deliver cargoes 24 hours a day of loading and checking on the Internet. The security personnel patrols for 24 hours, the infrared monitoring and alarming system are installed to make our warehouse a safe and reliable place with complete insurance.

Beetle warehouse