RORO Service


RORO service for vehicle

For the self-propelled vehicles and engineering equipment, you can choose the RORO service. These cargoes include but is not limited to truck crane, excavator, bulldozer, roller, pipe crane, paver, sprinkler, loader, car, bus, pickup truck, dump truck, cement pump truck, oil tanker, semi truck, etc.


The RORO vessel is a ship specially for shipment of vehicles. The loading of RORO is flexible and efficient since it does not rely on port lifting equipment. And all cargoes are basically loaded under deck which can protect the cargoes well. However, the RORO vessel owners are mainly from Europe, South Korea and Japan, with less shipping space and shipping date, the price is relatively higher than break bulk shipment. For unpowered cargoes, the RORO service can be operated with auxiliary equipment such as tractor or MAFI.


Beetle has focused on the shipment of vehicles, machinery, equipment and other heavy cargo for long, and has maintained close communication and good cooperative relations with most of the liner carriers, break bulk and RORO vessel owners. Our shipping routes cover major importers of automobiles and mechanical equipment in southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, the Mediterranean and Australia.